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Comments From Exhibitors.  

Thank you so much!!  Im very excited to be part of the event this year!!  Sara W.


Thanks for all of your work for the Spring Fair to Remember! I was a very well run event! The sales might have been down a bit, probably due to the beautiful weather outside. Overall, sales were satisfactory for me. The venue was great! Dan S.


Thanks so much for all your hard work putting the fairs together.  


I am impressed with the amount of Advertising you did. Fine show!! 


I had such a wonderful time doing the Christmas Fair.  Thank you for all your hard work & time. I look forward to doing your shows. 


I had a great Fair. Thank You for orchestrating and running this event. Andrea B. 

I had a great time & did well at the Christmas show.  You did an awesome job running the show.  Sandra W.  

I had a wonderful time as a vendor.  Many shoppers in our booth.  Barb B.

Wonderful, I am so happy to see someone running a solid true show!  Thank you for the generosity of the drawing for the vendors. Jeaninne H.

Thank you for all your hard work! I had a blast :- Maureen W. 

I had another successful show! You do a fantastic job of running your shows & draw large crowds!!

Thank you for all your efforts. Mary V'


Thanks for the great show  Jean  

Thanks for putting the show together   Cathy J. 

Thank You for letting me be an exhibitor in your show.  I had a great day  Jessica K. 

  Amazing Show. Fantastic job organizing & keeping us in the loop on changes. It was a great show.                    Jennifer & Monica 

Thank you for your hard work, you give it your all.  I enjoy attending the fairs, meet such great people & have repeat customers.     Bonnee C.

   Love your show, very well organized & people buy. Easy to get to our booth.  Signed Paula M.

   Great Turnout.  Thanks,   Signed Mary J.

   Great Sales, Great Advertising,  Thanks, Ruth U.

   Thanks for the "TOP Notch" shows.  Appreciate your time and effort.  Signed  Kay H.

   Thanks to you for all your work in making 2 GREAT shows for us all.  Signed John & Karen

   You do an awesome job.  Thanks, Sharyn    


  Thank you for a well organized festival and for your hard work you & your family do.  Sharon H.  Fabulous & Well done. 

   Exhibiting in all three of your shows, Keep up the good work.  Bruce T.

    A customer told me "The Fall Fair to Remember" was the BEST she was at all fall.  LeeAnne L.

   Great show, Friday Night was a grand idea, your organizational talent is priceless.   Karen B.

   Thanks for everything. It is one of the best shows - quality & organization. Thanks Cory S.

I had an awesome show and I contribute it to all of your hard work - THANK YOU!!!

You do an excellent job promoting this show!!     Mary V.

I just want to tell you that you and your people do a great job organizing this fair.  This is only my second year for me, but I am very happy with it, and the crowds definitely picked up this year.  So thank you for doing all the great advertising and informing us of that.  Great show.  Penny B.

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