What size are the spaces?    Most spaces are 10x10, some are larger.

Where should I mail my payment/application?  Send to : A fair to Remember, 259 fredonia Ave, Fredonia, Wi 53021. NO OTHER ADDRESS!

How will I be notified?  You will get an email booth confirmation once accepted. If you don't have email, the booth information will be sent regular mail.

When should I apply?  As soon as possible.

Do I have to fill out the s240? Yes. These are required by the state for each show. They are NOT kept on file.

Do you take credit card, Venmo, Paypal payments? Not at this time.

Do you offer prepaid tickets? Not at this time.

Do I get a table and chair? Tables and chairs MUST be requested. 2 or more table are $10.00 each.

Is there electric? Electric must be requested and is $10.00 additional.

What if I need to cancel? Notify us as soon as possible. There are no refunds, once you are assigned a booth. 


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